A Quiet Sunday afternoon

Sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, waiting for the next weather event to happen, browsing my Ebay site . It’s been a long rough winter, with way to many snow days, and just like everyone else, I am in need of spring.  Yesterday as I sat on the couch trying to recover from my unruly sinuses, my cell phone made that beautiful “cha-ching” sound.  That’s the sound of someone making a purchase from my Ebay site.

That “cha-ching” has been happening for me, at a nice pace lately, it makes me love thrifting even more.  Going through my closets and weeding out the ” I don’t want no more” items, and realizing I can sell this, is a nice feeling.  An even bigger thrill is browsing my local thrift stores, finding those deals that I know I can sell on Ebay and make some cash doing it.

I dabble in some sports jerseys and t-shirts, always trying to purchase Phillies or Eagles merchandise that I can wear if they don’t sell.  Women’s dresses and skirts are a pretty good seller, but it’s never certain someone will buy what you post, but sometimes you get lucky.

Mostly I enjoy the shopping, looking for fashion and knowing I can make someone else happy, and make some cash doing it.  It always amazes me what you can find at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, sometimes brand new with tags.  Even the goodies that aren’t new, I have found some pretty cool stuff.

It’s like looking for treasure, always wondering what golden egg I might find, and that’s the fun in it. That vintage concert shirt that you pay .99 for and sell for $14.99, or that sports shirt that you pay $1.99 and sell for $19.99, I love it!!

The hardest part for me is going in to the thrift store and finding that balance of shopping for me, or shopping to sell. Check me out on Ebay under thriftshopper707, and remember, thrift shopping is an art.






A New Year, a chance to begin again

ImageAs 2013 comes to an end, I think of all the things I should have done. Although I started some new ventures, I know I could have devoted more time to them.  With 2014 on the horizon, I think about all I want to do, no resolutions here, just a to-do list.

Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in June, my life has changed.  I spend a lot of time not feeling well and trying to struggle through the day, and by the time I get home, I just don’t have the energy for the things I enjoy. That is on the to-do list, I am going to do my best to change that.

I started this blog last year and with that came my new ventures into resale of fashion. I started my two new facebook pages, All about the accessories, and Mels fashion resale boutique. Those led me to selling my thrifty finds on Ebay, and I must say, I love it.  Fashion is fun and I really enjoy making the extra cash on the bargains I find.

I love accessories, boots and jewelry, and scarves and handbags and all the little things that pull an outfit together.  So the plan is to get more organized, and find more bargains, write more blog posts and just share what I enjoy and expand on what I have started. I hope to not spend as much time on the couch, asleep, and more time being me.

For all those fashionistas out there, do you get that feeling when you see a picture of an outfit that is so awesome? I do, I think about what I can do to duplicate it, or what I have already that is similar. I had an “outfit of the day” everyday on my All about the accessories facebook page. I would put together my outfit with shoes, purse, jewelry and sometimes other accessories, this is the outfit I would wear the next day to work, at least 3 items would be thrifty finds. I stopped because it became tiring, and that is one of the things I want to start back, I had some people that really enjoyed it and I did too, so that is back on the list. There is something very satisfying about pulling an outfit together, knowing you spent less than $20 on it and being able to put some pricey accessories with it.

So, I am coming back, better than before…2014 is going to be my year..hope you all follow me there!!!

Mels Fashion Resale Boutique

My new Facebook page

My new Facebook page

I am progressing on my new venture, my resale page on Facebook, but I need more likes on my page. Trying to reach as many people as possible without paying to promote my page, has been a challenge. Trying to find my niche and reach the masses isn’t easy, but I am determined. I love fashion of all kinds and I love to get things cheap and want to bring bargains to people, and making a little mad money while I am doing it is a bonus. I sold my first item on Ebay last week, hearing that cha-ching come from my phone was very exciting, and very nerve wracking.

I have lots of awesome items for sale on my page, everything from clothes, shoes, handbags and jackets, all in excellent condition..most are pre-owned but a few are brand new. So the question is, how do I reach more people, how do I bring them to my Facebook page? I will continue, and hope that people share with their friends and so on, but any help would be appreciated.

So, check me out on Facebook, under Mels Fashion Resale Boutique, and “like” my page, tell all your friends and share with your blogging friends. Who knows maybe you will find an item you like, I will ship and I do take Paypal!!

Retro Style


Sometimes there is that one item that calls your name, this skirt did that for me.

Although I knew it was to short for me, I had already built an outfit in my head. The skirt is from The Loft and has an awesome retro look, I picture it with a black turtleneck, tucked in and with black boots.

I have posted it for sale on my new Facebook page, Mels Fashion Resale Boutique for $7. I would love to see this as someone’s new fav item.

Moving Forward, Finding my way, Doing what I Love!!

Just a screenshot of my new Facebook page

Just a screenshot of my new Facebook page

I am not sure if anyone noticed, but I haven’t posted for a bit. What can I say, life gets overwhelming at times, but I have not given up and I am moving forward, trying to find my way and learning as I go.

I want to tell you all what I have been up to. So we all know that my friend turning me onto thrifting is what basically led to this blog, and in turn I created a Facebook page “All about the accessories”. On that page I post my thrifty finds and bargains, my outfits of the day, that are mostly thrifted items, and just fun stuff about fashion and accessories. Doing this has been so much fun, but in the back of my head I always knew I wanted to do more.

That want to do more led me to creating my new venture. I started again with Facebook, and created my new page “Mels Fashion Resale Boutique”. On this page I sell my bargains and thrifty finds for rock bottom prices. Now this is still in its early stages and I am looking for more traffic and would greatly appreciate anyone who is interseted to like both of my pages. After doing that, I knew the next phase was going to be posting and selling on Ebay. I am proud to say that I just listed 2 items on Ebay and am hoping that they sell, I am on ebay as thriftshopper707.

I still have some details to work out and alot to learn, but I love doing this. I also still sell my Silpada Designs jewelry , after all it is still, all about the accessories. I am picking fashion items up as I find them, but as you can imagine, its a battle whether to shop to sell or shop for me. That one I am working on. I still have ideas floating around in my head, such as fashion trunk shows, and getting those cheap Vistaprint cards, so people know how to find me, but just not sure yet, but in the meantime I am loving it and hoping I can make a little cash at the same time. So remember, I could use all the help I can get, search me on Facebook, “Mels Fashion Resale Boutique” and like my page to check out all my bargains, and you can also like my “All about the accessories ” page for a little fun. Thanks and any helpful encouraging input is welcome!!

Today, It’s not , All About the Accessories!!!

As I sit with pen in hand, the words of Sarah Bareilles come to mind in her new song Brave. “Say what you wanna say, and let the words fall out, honestly, I wanna see you be brave”! I know this is a blog about fashion and accessories and fun stuff like that, but today, I need to “say what I wanna say, and let the words fall out”!!

Today was an awful day at work, in which, I knew it would be hard, but it was much worse. Let me explain a little about my job and my dilemma. I have a civil service job, in which I have been employed for 28 years. I work hard, most of it being a physical job, I work in a fileroom, dealing with heavy case files all day. I have the highest title in my unit, right below the supervisor. Recently my supervisor went out on leave and will be going straight to retirement at the end of November. Another clerical supervisor temporarily took over our unit, until the powers that be decided to make a provisional appointment until a test is posted.

Let me tell you how things usually work with civil service, and I say usually. Anyone with a title that is right below the supervisor would be in line to take the test, since that is the natural progression. That is not how it worked this time. The powers that be decided to open it up to lower titles, and asked for letters of interest. Having said that, I did not put my letter in, and NO I do not want the job, for many reasons. The first reason being, since I have been maxed out for many years, I have not gotten a step raise in a very long time, so it really isn’t much of an increase for me. After that initial increase, the supervisors have no steps, they gave them up in the last contract, so that means, no raise ever!!

For those that aren’t civil service, I know this is hard to understand, but would you take a job where you knew that all the crap falls on you, your basically a puppet, and, “YOU GET NO RAISE”??? Yeah, me either, now maybe you understand some of my dilemma. Now, I knew someone had to get the job, but what I really can’t stand, is when politics takes over , and you basically get your position because you are politically connected.

I am a hard worker, I am not a slacker. I do not talk on the phone all day, wander around or waste time, I bust my ass everyday. I come home tired, sore, and just mentally and physically exhausted. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in June, and my life has gotten harder, especially at work. I have not asked for special treatment, nor have I officially informed my job of my diagnosis. Today I began my day knowing it was going to be hard, but I did not expect to be given twice the amount of work, and be made to move my desk, just one seat back.

I just want to do my job, have things be fair, have everyone else do what they are supposed to do, is that really to much to ask for? I honestly don’t know what to do, my health has to take front and center, but how do I do that, I can’t afford to retire or go on a medical leave. Why does life have to be so hard and unfair at times? After a 28 year career, when do I get some respect, when does the bullshit stop and the “protected and connected” have to follow the rules?

Thank you for letting me “say what I wanna say, and let the words fall out” I needed to vent, and since this is my blog, I guess I can “say what I wanna say”!!!